FC Schalke 04 – News And Rumors: Johannes Geis And Franco Di Santo Before The Jump

Johannes Geis and Franco Di Santo are hot candidates for change at Schalke 04. Benjamin Stambouli ennobles in an interview Benedikt Höwedes. Hamza Mendyl almost got his way through S04.

Here are all news and rumors about Schalke 04.

Schalke 04: Geis and Di Santo before the jump

Johannes Geis has been on the shooting list for a while now at Schalke 04. After his loan to Sevilla, the midfielder wanted to prevail in the miners. In the first round against Schweinfurt, the native Franke was not in the squad. Geis also did not train on Monday. S04 stated clarification of personal matters as a reason. “I could imagine that something else will happen,” said manager Christian Heidel to the Ruhr Nachrichten, but added: “It will not go to any of the guys who are at the top of our planning.”

There does not seem to be Franco Di Santo. The striker sat on the bench for 90 minutes on Friday. According to the news in the Ruhr, his chances for the upcoming season are limited, which is why he is a hot candidate for change.

S04: Benjamin Stambouli knights “legend” Benedikt Höwedes

With Benedikt Höwedes has left a direct competitor of Benjamin Stambouli the club. Nevertheless, the Frenchman regrets the change of Höwedes: “Personally, I think it is a pity that Benedict left us. When I came from Paris in 2016, especially he has received me very well, I’ll never forget him.” In my eyes and he remains a Schalke legend, “said Stambouli the kicker. The trained defensive midfielder completed in the past season, the change of position in the center-back, as he could better bring in his qualities there, according to Schalke coach Domenico Tedesco.

“My focus is still more on the defensive position – but not because there are too many other candidates for the defensive midfield, but because the coach has signaled me, for now at first ostensibly continue to plan there,” said Stambouli, despite his quiet nature as a leader on Schalke applies.