With the new Bundesliga season yet to commence, German top flight teams got the chance to test just how well they might be prepared for the new season’s curtain raisers as they slugged it out with the rest of the clubs from the lower divisions in the third round of the German Cup.

Dynamo Berlin hosted Schalke 04 at Sportpark and made sure to give The Royal Blues a run for their money even if Domenico Tedesco’s side ran out 2-0 winners as they advanced to the next stage.

It is however still a sorry sight, seeing Dynamo reduced to a fourth tier tiny club as against to when they dominated the East German Championship prior to the historic albeit figurative fall of the Berlin Wall leading to the unification of East and West Germany under its current name.

Now playing in front of a 14,000 capacity Park right there in the city of Berlin, The Wine Redsfrustrated Schalke for long spells before they got bailed out by two late goals from Ukrainian YevhenKonoplyanka. Continue reading “SCHALKE BEAT DYNAMO IN GERMAN CUP”


Schalke 04 star Naldo is reportedly set to miss the rest of the games for this season after his groin injury was confirmed.

The German side played the return leg of their Europa League match in the round of 16 but the Brazilian defender could not finish the game with the rest of the team.

The 34-year old is set to undergo a surgery within the next few days. MRI Scan reveal a partial tendon tear in the adductors.

“Naldo has partially torn a tendon in the adductors and will be sidelined until the end of the season, the head coach of the club Markus Weinzierl said.

The team would have to play the 22nd match this season against fourth place Hoffenheim this weekend. The team is in the upper part of the table so they would be hoping to frustrate their opponents. Continue reading “NALDO SET TO MISS SEASON REMAINDER”

Franco di Santo that the Argentine forward has managed to score 18 goals

This is the first time in the entire career of Franco di Santo that the Argentine forward has managed to score 18 goals in a single season for any of his clubs. This current season is by far the best one that Franco di Santo has ever had.

The player himself admitted it as he is well aware of his current goal-scoring form which has helped Werder Bremen in climbing spots in the German League but the 25 year old forward is confident that he can still achieve much more as he responded to questions during a recent interview and said:

‘’It’s true, this has been the best phase of my career so far and everything’s coming together perfectly. However, I also know that I can achieve even more if I keep working hard on myself. And that’s what I’m going to do’’ Werder Bremen’s Franco di Santo said during an interview

When Franco di Santo was questioned about the possibility of making a return to Chelsea, the player stated that he is currently happy performing with Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga but continued on by saying that he wants to show people in England what he can do after all of the experience that the player has gained. Continue reading “Franco di Santo that the Argentine forward has managed to score 18 goals”