Franco Looks Forward To A Second Season At Schalke

Franco Di Santos is a player of great skills, but often individual competencies get clouded over if the team is unable to perform well together.

The first season in Argentina has been inconsistent though that should not keep the mood of the players down. The Argentine has had about 25 appearances and he has scored about 2 goals in the Bundesliga. He had a previous stint in Bremen where he needed some time for starting up. The first year that he spent at Weser he was able to gain about four goals. The new sporting director of Schalke has confirmed that Santo will continue in the second season as well. He feels that the player will be able to gain momentum in the second season at the club. The confidence is sure to help the 27 years old players to play better in the forthcoming season. He has thus gained a second chance and hopefully he would be starting a new era at the club. The opportunity is being given to him to improve and to be an imposing player for the team.
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