Chelsea 7 – 0 Chengdu Blades 2008 Pre Season

Franco di Santo Online video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Chelsea 7 – 0 Chengdu Blades 2008 Pre Season”

  1. MrCristian955 says:

    @Kaelzor´╗┐ fifa 08 ­čÖé

  2. Pikangu says:

    is a frienly game ?´╗┐ Did chelsea have to smash them like that ?

  3. zulukydd says:

    essien´╗┐ FTW

  4. petechett says:

    why does the keepers shirt change colour´╗┐ 2nd half?

  5. Chavman1908 says:

    do u´╗┐ suport chelsea?

  6. DonforDead says:

    It’s mainly´╗┐ Chinese Chelsea fans…There was no home and away it was mixed

  7. C0starulz says:

    lol´╗┐ keeper 1st goal

  8. dannylito07932 says:

    they play´╗┐ whit chengedu blades haha!

  9. carpcool100 says:

    good´╗┐ see a good away support

  10. dannylito07932 says:

    CHELSEA!!!!! BEST´╗┐

  11. TwelveBells says:

    Chengdou Blades r fuckn´╗┐ shite!!

  12. LOVEUSCAA says:

    The Chinese team is really bad´╗┐

  13. FOBLPMCR says:

    #7 What´╗┐ a Fuckin Cross lol

  14. FOBLPMCR says:

    Dongyonion Is Di Santo´╗┐

  15. krugger911 says:

    nah man was my lil bro using my youtube account to´╗┐ flatter his album taste. fool

  16. link2afuture says:

    lol did u post 2 different comments´╗┐ just to slag off an album?

  17. chelseafootballblub says:

    Franco Di Santo ~´╗┐ dongyonion

  18. kolishnikov74 says:

    Joe´╗┐ Cole is awesome! my fav player.

  19. dongyonion says:

    lol… last goal was classic… who is no 36´╗┐ btw?

  20. Freezer990 says:

    I’m italian but the chelsea is´╗┐ my life

  21. rottsrule365 says:

    barclone r´╗┐ better

  22. krugger911 says:

    dream theater is a shocking album btw

  23. krugger911 says:

    dream theater fuck´╗┐ off u goon grow a pair

  24. adamo117 says:

    well he was at chelsea last season so if he really suported´╗┐ chelsea then he would know.

  25. krugger911 says:

    so wat if´╗┐ we hasnt