16 thoughts on “Chengdu Blades v Chelsea

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  2. Joe Cole’s second goal in this game, a back kick, was great.

    It’s hard to see it in this video, though.

  3. fuck up you cant take it because they are better than united or arsenal and liverpool chelsea champions 08/09 gonna be so fuckyou

  4. wait did i say bad i dont think i did
    just you have a fuckin dirty russian trying to improve on a team year in year out by investing millions and millions to win what fergy has already got unlucky

  5. chelsea trying to buy every1 again
    tyring to buy the title AGAIN
    such a shame ya will never be asa big as man utd 🙁

  6. eh min couse isch voll de chelsea fan! aber das sind so komischi gegner gsi! easy bis nöchsti

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