Weder Bremen Remains Optimistic

With the new Bundesliga having initiated in full force, managers and players want to propel their respective clubs to success and glory and Werder Bremen is an interesting case as they managed to win the German League and the Cup 10 years ago but ever since accomplishing that major feat, things have started to fall apart.

Winning 2 major trophies in a single season exemplifies just how well a club is performing but it seems like Werder Bremen’s glory days are in the past and will not be arriving anytime soon as there still has not been a standout player within the current squad that can push Werder Bremen to the top of the league and make compete against the likes of: Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund.

Even the current manager of Werder Bremen, Robin Dutt he has admitted that seeing his club even being able to qualify, enter and compete in Europe would come as a surprise for himself and his players as they still aren’t ready for it.

“Werder Bremen are being made out to be too small. I do believe that, with the opportunities we’ve got here, we have got what it takes to challenge. It would be a big surprise.

After being asked if Werder Bremen has what it to takes to compete in the Europa League or Champions League, Dutt replied by saying:

‘’For that to happen, really so much would have to come together. We could do without any injury misfortune and the players would have to develop in the best possible way, and one or two of our rivals would have had to fail with their transfers.”

Robin Dutt still remains fairly optimistic about his chances in capturing a spot in the middle section in the German League but Europe remains out of their reach.