Franco Di Santo has said that the upcoming season is not going to be easy for Wigan Athletic. Wigan had performed brilliantly towards the end of the last season and defeated some big teams such as Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool. As per Santo, it would be quite difficult for the team to put up the same kind of performance again. Santo said that in the last season, the teams took Wigan lightly and Wigan was able to surprise them. But, in the upcoming season, the teams would be keen to take their revenge and the Wigan players would have to play out of their skins to defeat the big teams again.

Santo has been playing for Wigan since the last 2 seasons. He had joined Wigan in August 2010. Wigan bought him from Chelsea after paying a transfer fee of 2 million pounds. He played his first match for Wigan in September 2010 against Sunderland. His first goal for Wigan was also against Sunderland in the later part of the 2010-11 season. He made a very good start to the last season by scoring twice in a match against Queens Park Rangers. He scored goals in some very important matches in the last season including the match against Newcastle United which Wigan had won by 4-0. On being asked about his targets in the upcoming season, Santo said that he would like to continue his good form. The last season was very good for him.  He played well in almost every match and he rarely made mistakes on the field in the last season and he would like to do the same in this season as well.

On being asked about Wigan’s squad for the upcoming season, Santo said that there are some good strikers in the team including Arouna Kone and Victor Moses and the team is good in the defense as well. Hopefully, the team would be able to perform well again.