The Wigan athletic manager Roberto Martinez is of the opinion that smaller clubs do not get the benefit of the doubt when playing against the big teams. Wigan were recently left frustrated after the 1-0 defeat at the hands of Arsenal. During the match, the manager Roberto Martinez felt that a number of decisions went against his team after they crashed to yet another defeat in the league. The 1-0 defeat now means that Wigan have slipped into the relegation zone after taking just one point in the last five matches. Pressure is high on the manager Martinez to deliver the results.

He is confident that he can turn around the situation, but has said that he could do nothing about the refereeing decisions that are always biased towards bigger clubs. Arsenal were awarded a penalty in the second half after Theo Walcott went down rather too easily in the match. Mikel Arteta converted the spot kick that give Arsenal all three points, but Wigan could have easily avoided defeat in the match had it not been for such refereeing decisions. Martinez has also said that Wigan were unlucky not to be awarded as well, which only has compounded the situation.

“We’ve been at the end of bad decisions. That happens. You need to get through it, you can’t moan about it and we need to start picking points up and make sure we affect it as much as we can. I wouldn’t like to be a referee, it’s the worst job on the pitch. You’ll always upset someone. When you have to make a 50-50 decision, it’s a lot easier to be safe on teams like ourselves. I’m not saying [just] Wigan, but when you are a bottom 10 team it’s not a problem when you get it wrong,” said Martinez.