Franco Santo to Play for Atlético Mineiro

Columbus will be visiting Atlético Mineiro at the match that will be held at the Mineiro Stadium in Belo Horizonte to take revenge for the Copa Sudamericana semi-final match. The ‘Sabalero’ will be arriving as they have the advantage of winning the first leg in Santa Fe by 2-1. Atlético Miniero will also try to stress the fact that they want to reach the finals anyhow. They also want to get glorified in a milestone that will be unprecedented in its international history of games. The Sabalero will be playing against Ecuador’s Independiente Del Valle for advancing into the final round of the competition. The Ecuadorian team had beaten Corinthians in the semi-final round in Brazil.

Columbus is on the opposite side and they will be arriving at the match with confidence to make history at Mineiro. Before, just two of the teams from Argentina, Libertadores and Boca Juniors, have won matches playing against Atlético Mineiro. The team will be led by Andres Rojas and he will be assisted by Dionisio Ruiz and Alexander Guzmán, his countrymen. Colon has lost their Colombian player, Guillermo Celis after getting injured against crucial rupture of his ligament. He will be leaving with the team who played against the Brazilian team in Sante Fe.

Atlético Mineiro team will have to rely on the warmth of his fans to triumph over the bad moment that they are going through right now. This will give them the strength to win the match and neutralize the first leg with 1-2. The possible formation for Atlético Mineiro consists of the names like Cleiton, Igor Rabello, Franco Di Santo, Juan Cazares, Elías, José Welison, Vinicius and Yimmi Chará, Réver and Fábio Santos. Rodrigo Marques de Santana will be in the defensive tackle for the team at the match in Belo Horizonte.