Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez has said that Franco Di Santo could become the star for Wigan athletic this season, as he is one of the best players in the squad right now. Roberto Martinez was instrumental in bringing Franco Di Santo from Chelsea a few seasons ago for just £ 1.5 million. Even though Franco Di Santo’s career at Wigan athletic did not start exactly as planned, he has become more influential within the Wigan squad in recent seasons. The club are battling against relegation this season and are one of the favourites to go down this season.

However, Roberto Martinez has said that he is extremely confident of keeping Wigan athletic in the Premier league next season. He plans to do so by making Franco Di Santo one of the influential members of the squad. The tall Argentine ace is known for making goals rather than scoring them, but Roberto Martinez says that Franco Di Santo could be even more influential in the Wigan squad if he uses his aerial ability to much better effect. Franco Di Santo has scored four goals for Wigan athletic this season, in a squad that has failed to find enjoy in terms of scoring goals. His latest goal came in the 2-1 win over Bolton.

“We all know the potential Franco has as a player, but he has only shown flashes of the real quality I know he possesses. He’s still a young man, but he’s clearly ready to take on more responsibility. Probably the biggest challenge for Franco is to show that kind of performance on a regular basis in the Premier League. If he can do that, his football – and that of the team – will go on to a different level. He will develop into some player,” Martinez told the Wigan Evening Post.