Lucas Piazon Sudamericano U-17 Compilation

Franco di Santo Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Lucas Piazon Sudamericano U-17 Compilation”

  1. ChelseaStarMoe says:

    Wow! Didn’t think he’d be that good! ((:
    When will this guy finally play for chelsea?

  2. EnzoCheLatino says:

    He looks average, i doubt he will be as good as people think. Brazilian players get way to much Hype.

  3. joshcfc8 says:


  4. JoaoMassot says:

    Correct me if i’m wrong but i think he is a little average. Most kids his age who have played football for a while in brazil are able to produce at least 75% of his total.

  5. tiuleiyasing says:

    lol he cross with right foot n shoot with left foot. Naise

  6. recentdan123 says:

    @MultiJTerry I’m not going to lie i didn’t really understand what your point was.

  7. viniciusdoerner says:

    I’m Brazilian so I write using English more wrong can you be sure that the piazon not play at all in the starting lineup more than he plays a very kaka future, but it is a strong possibility of him going to teams like Wolves, Everton, West Ham, stoke, Leeds United on loan and blow up their beautiful football and win the British.

  8. MultiJTerry says:

    @recentdan123 Capello don’t have a clue how to manage England team.But ok he isn’t that bad manager but his choice of players sometimes is terrible.Carroll have good half of year in PL and cost 35 mil?Wow even Villa cost less and he is some kind fo player.Sturridge isn’t ready for starting lineup in England team for qualification but don’t call him to the team?If i’am biased towards Chelsea why in the hell i don’t want Lamps in England starting lineup.

  9. recentdan123 says:

    @MultiJTerry Your calling Fabio Capello an idiot? Don’t even talk to me because that is the dumbest statement I have ever heard. Capello has managed the best teams in Europe such as Milan , Juventus ,Roma ,Real Madrid and England and your calling him an idiot. Wow why should I even bother arguing with you. Daniel Sturridge is a good footballer however Andy Carroll was unfit for most of last season and your calling him terrible.You obviously don’t watch football and you are biased towards Chelsea

  10. MultiJTerry says:

    @recentdan123 Capello is idiot.Otherwise that freak Carroll would never ever be in England Team.Sturridge is much better player.

  11. yar164 says:

    He looks like kaka

  12. MegaBlueboi says:

    Can’t wait to see him play at Stamford Bridge! WELCOME TO CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. recentdan123 says:

    @Gilvorak There two different players how on earth can you compare them? Anyway one of them is actually in the england team and the other isn’t so it just proves who the better player is. (Andy Carroll)

  14. walllster says:

    @recentdan123 Chelsea already have him but won’t be at Chelsea until Jan 2012. For £8m

  15. recentdan123 says:

    People are making assumptions on him already on just one video. You could make lucas leiva look good if you wanted to. Any way i think the best players are the one’s that go unnoticed until a big club signs them. Because the scouts see something big in players in their style of play and there vision not tricks and flicks. Football is about goals not freestyle unless your winning 4-0 with 10 minutes to go or something. Sao Paulo want £70 mil for him and he probably won’t be as big as you think.

  16. 8585torres says:

    Can’t wait to see him, Romeu and McEchran play together. I hope they get there chances THIS season they are all ready by the looks of itN just got to wait till January for Piazon that’s the only down side

  17. Nickelbackrockband says:

    im a man utd supporter and shit!!great signing

  18. t90ad says:

    this kid is amazing!

  19. hellomotobleh says:

    @HORRORrs96 yeah, and we are in july, he is already 17, what don’t you get? you made your comment yesterday not 6 months ago

  20. ALooyRMD says:

    He is the new RICARDO KAKA

  21. HORRORrs96 says:

    @hellomotobleh you cant sign a contract until you are 17 thats why we can only sign him in january as his birthday is 20th january

  22. hellomotobleh says:

    @HORRORrs96 according to the independent, he is 17, regardless, he could be part of Chelsea’s future success

  23. HORRORrs96 says:

    @hellomotobleh he is 16.

  24. rhcp211 says:

    @mrchelsealondonfc1 If you went by World Cups, Messi wouldn’t be in the top 100 list of best players in the world.

  25. Spark5789 says:

    In a couple of years to come, we will see Lucas Paizon play alongside Josh McEachron! What a beautiful site of football we will see.