franco di santo

Franco di Santo Video Rating: 4 / 5

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30 Responses to “franco di santo”

  1. DonforDead says:

    I used to rate the guy but I think loaning him to Blackburn was a mistake, shoulda loaned him to a Championship club, first team, probable goal scorer, confidence rise.

  2. PiMpStEr360 says:

    he sucks, he was supposed to be great and promising, turns out hes overrated and useless.

  3. 0light8dark0 says:

    He Isn’t That Good

  4. prodigiii712 says:

    why did Chelsea let him go was he not a decent player

  5. bustergaa says:

    Signed for Wigan lads

  6. deltelmo says:

    Franco Di Santo…o ”Pinheiro” do Paulo Sérgio…o próximo Matador do SCP

  7. deltelmo says:

    Franco Di Santo…o ”Pinheiro” do Paulo Sérgio…o próximo Matador do SCP

  8. TheExtremeFootball says:

    welcome to sporting clube de portugal

  9. foroeste1 says:

    aki esta o pinheiro k tanto o nosso querido paulo sérgio keria agora ja pode enfeitalo no natal a ver s trax presentes FORÇA SCP NOS MAUS E BONS MOMENTOS AMO-TE

  10. johnpopes says:

    too slow.

  11. rav1zky says:


  12. ToniEvora says:

    Best for last?! You call the slide-in goal the best???

    Anyhow… Would enjoying seeing him at SPORTING CLUBE DE PORTUGAL!

  13. lagartuh says:

    2:32!!!! WOW!!! I’d like to see him score those kind of goals at SPORTING CLUBE DE PORTUGAL!!!!!!

  14. ultraslimianos says:


  15. JOHNNYCFC18 says:

    @CoskunKoruk am psv and chelsea r linked duh, chelseas feeder club

  16. ChildRapistt says:

    @JOHNNYCFC18 all his goals apart from the volley were shittt

  17. CoskunKoruk says:

    Galatasaray will sign him not PSV, Twente 😀 Galatasaray do have much more money than PSV can give.

  18. bob10247 says:

    nee hoor feyenpprd haalt hem gewn
    had jullie lens maar niet moeten nemen

  19. gaastra12 says:

    @niekie743 Jammer dan, jullie krijgen de slechte clown in voetbalschoenen, het Jankertje, Janko, en wij bij PSV halen deze toppert.

    mogen ze daar in enschede is leren scouten

  20. niekie743 says:

    he is gonna leave chelsea
    it seems that fc twent, dutch champion, has a big chance of signing him!

  21. JOHNNYCFC18 says:

    the best for last that gol was shit

  22. sabudeath says:

    chelsea are going to sell him

  23. sabudeath says:

    chelsea are going to sell him …..

  24. pikayou4 says:

    wow he is so hot in real life i took a pic with him and i nearly fainted, but his hand was around me so he would have saved me neways lol

  25. soccer2085 says:

    truth must be told geal kakuta and boroni stoch manchein have a bright future

  26. Welbeck Goal says:

    Had something like this myself last week

  27. Thanks for this – enjoyed it