Franco Continues Second Season With Schalke

At the training camp that Schalke had Leon Goretzka along with Franco di Santo stood out in the opening match.

The game was against the first division of China. Franco di Santo was a scorer in the training camp. Both the teams had much to say about the state of the grounds before the game started off between Schalke and R&F. The game was, however, a lively one; there were frequent drink breaks as the humidity levels were too great. The match was broadcasted live and was a major match watching among the Chinese audience.

Goretzka received a large cup as he and the others, including Franco, put in their contributions to the game. There were goals scored by Franco di Santo along with others. The match that was played by Schalke with R&F saw the former team start off with an advantage. Schalke team played on the defensive most of the time in the game. Franco has decided to continue for a second season with the club. Indeed, with his participation in Bundesliga the Argentine definitely came under pressure.

The sporting director of Schalke feels that Santos has much to deliver and it would take another season for the player to build his synergies with the team. He was taken on for 6 million Euros from Bremen club. The initial contract was that he will continue till 2019. Fans hope that his new season will be more fruitful. The last match in China has definitely shown that Franco has improved his form and it is hoped that he will continue to improve and increase his contributions to the team. When he was in Bremen he made about 26 appearances and achieved 16 goals for his club. The coach will probably be able to get more out of him this season.