25 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Ultimate Team | Player Review | EP01 Franco Di Santo

  1. You should do a review on Luc Castaignos, Dutch ST in the Eredivisie, hes a
    monster and around 4k

  2. I’m not making coins from doing player reviews. I have one di santo in my
    club and that’s the way things will stay. And also I will be streaming
    tonight around 8pm. Follow me on twitter for info about BOTY- @bateson87

  3. On that side pannel thing you created it says his defensive is high and
    offesive is medium when it should be the other way round… just to point
    that one one for you.

  4. in the blue box you have his defensive workrate as high, and his offensive
    work rate as medium, it should be the other way round 🙂

  5. trust me im a wigan athletic fan and hes 1 million times better on fifa.
    Than in real life.

  6. Nice video Bateson, Stay doing reviews!, might try him with aguero up top
    pace/height, cheers !

  7. Expensive player reviews arnt an option until EA return my coins etc. But I
    think the cheap and rarely used players are the best. Who would you want to
    see me review next week? A cheap gold or silver! Name them guys!

  8. He used to go for less than 1,500. Just another person looking to make
    coins from their fanbase.

  9. hes in the Argentinian squad, he must be special to get a place in a team
    with the likes off messi, higuan, di maria,aguero,tevez etc.

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