25 thoughts on “Chelsea Reserves 3 – 0 Tottenham Reserves 2007/08 Highlights & Franco Di Santo Hattrick !

  1. Hernan Crespo is one of my favourite players of all time, hope Di Santo can become the next Crespo

  2. Argentina is the best player of the players who are better than the world record, but against the rulers Daimn Mraduna because of Argentina, who did not apologize to the goal scored by either the British, Bled 1986, carrying a mistake Mardona Argentina

  3. I know, it is just the idiotic media who claim he is the “NEXT Maradona or etc”. I am from Argentina and he will likely be like a Crespo which I will take in a heartbeat. I just think Di Santo is a bit better on the ball, but he is like Crespo with headers and scoring ability. Right place at the right time.

  4. I’m from Chile and I can safely say that he will never be anything like Maradona or Messi, so forget about that.

    Di Santo has a completely different style…doesn’t mean he is not a good player. If developed properly he could be the next Hernan Crespo…

  5. Espero que Maradona haya mirado este partido y que tenga en cuenta a Franco para las próximas convocatorias. Es el n°9 que Argentina esta necesitando. Seguí trabajando duro Franco, como lo venis haciendo hasta ahora, que tarde o temprano vas a terminar siendo titular en la selección argentina. Un saludo desde Rosario.

  6. wellllllll, im a chelsea fan but lets be fair. 1 your a fucking idiot, and 2 sergio aguero

  7. lol look at the ginger cunt Sidwell hahaha did done good at chelsea just like tal ben haim

  8. un maestro el franco y pensar q yo jugaba en la mutual efago con vos….espero q te sigan saliendo las cosas bien y la sigas rompiendo….un abrazo facu aguilera…

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